What do you like to do in your free time?


Watch TV
Learn new skills
Climb walls like Spiderman
Host parties

These are all examples of ways you could answer this question. Me? “Uhh….eat…and then throw up?”

Last year, before my relapse, I signed up for a dating site on a whim, and then accidentally paid for a whole year (because, you know, who reads the fine print?).

I don’t ever go on the site, but once in a while, someone will start talking to me. I get this question a lot. Every time, I think I should just be honest so they can get scared and run away instead of feeling hurt by someone who’s not interested in them.

I was thinking about this today because I’m home alone, which I’ve mentioned doesn’t happen very often. And not just for a few hours either, but for the whole day. My first thought in these situations is always to binge and purge. I start planning it out. What I will eat, in what order. How long this or that takes to cook/bake, so when I need to start it and what I can eat while I’m waiting for it to finish. It’s pretty ridiculous.



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  1. I’m on a dating site and have the same issue. The worst part? Our first date at a restaurant–not somewhere that is safe with safe foods. I hate that and thinking in my head how to explain it. Or why I eat so little. Stupid dating sites. I’m still editing a blog post about how much I hate the select your body shape question.


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