This post is gluten-free


Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with you going gluten-free, whether it’s for health reasons or just because you want to. I just find it funny how a concept catches on and then everyone is doing it, whether they understand it or not. I also find it hilarious when a product is labeled gluten-free when there’s no reason there should ever be gluten in that product. (Did you know Twizzlers are gluten-free?)


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  1. I think marketers play a big role in this with their sometimes silly advertising campaigns. They project onto us what they think we want, even when it may seem ridiculous, at least to some of us. In some ways they act like the old snake oil salesmen who made false and silly claims about their products.
    People who use buzzwords to support their causes irritate and frustrate me. Although I am never sure whether believe believe the rubbish they are saying or whether it is a simply marketing.


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