I have a confession to make


I am currently listening to this song. And I love Minecraft.

I remember when I first heard about the game a few years ago, I thought it sounded ridiculously stupid. I soon after discovered that one of my best friends played and she encouraged me to try it out. I did.

I loved it.

I still do.

I don’t play very often at the moment, what with binging and purging and biking and dying, but I’m hoping that once I’m back on the past to recovery I’ll start playing again.


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  1. I think you should play, it sounds more fun than dying. My kids just discovered it. One of them yells at the other for wrecking people’s houses and snatches back his best friend status over it. Minecraft drama, because, apparently, real life hasn’t got enough. No wonder I stayed out of the living room today!


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