Now’s your chance!


I promised a couple other bloggers a handwritten letter. I haven’t been very timely on that, but I am FINALLY writing letters.

Right now.

And I seem to be in a letter-writing mood. SO! If you would like a letter, you can go to the “contact me” page and send me your address. It will send it to my email, it won’t post on my blog anywhere, so it will stay confidential. I promise to write to anyone whose address I receive.

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  1. I look at how my handwriting has deteriorated over the years, through lack of use. Technology is so much more convenient but I can’t help but feel we are losing a great art form.


    • I feel like that tooooo. I really want to try to help my future children (if I ever have any) understand that they may not like practicing now, but I have never met an adult who regrets having nice handwriting, but I have met countless who regret not practicing enough.


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