I just had the most stupid conversation


I don’t know why I get into arguments on Facebook.

Someone I know posts: Muscle does not weigh more than fat!!! 1 pound of muscle weighs the same as 1 pound of fat. 1 pound muscle just takes up less space than 1 pound of fat!!!!

I respond: …That’s like saying steel doesn’t weigh more than feathers

Her: 1 pound of steel weighs more than 1 POUND of feathers? Nope!!!! 1 pound is 1 pound lol

Me: Right. But steel is still heavier than feather. Yes, ONE POUND of steel obviously weighs the same as ONE POUND of feathers, but that doesn’t change the fact that you’ll need A LOT MORE feathers to weigh the same amount, because steel is heavier. Same with muscle and fat. Yes, ONE POUND of fat and ONE POUND of muscle weigh the same. Obviously. But you need more fat to make up a pound than you do muscle, because muscle weighs more.

Her: That’s what I said…muscle doesn’t weigh more than fat.

Me: You can’t just take one pound of a light object and one pound of a heavy object and go, “Look! This isn’t heavier than that!!”
If you need more of one than the other to weigh the same amount, one is heavier than the other.

Her friend: Sorry but <name of person> is correct … 1 lb of feathers = 1 lb of steel…..



So, I didn’t think I’d need to clarify, but based on the comments section, I do.

I have never heard ANYONE say “one pound of muscle is heavier than one pound of fat”. That would be ridiculous, stupid, and wrong. The only thing I’ve ever heard is “muscle is heavier than fat” and is ALWAYS referring to equal VOLUME of each.

If you have the same VOLUME of fat and muscle, muscle IS heavier. Period.


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  1. It’s kinda random that I’m commenting here, I just started reading your blog a couple days ago and I don’t think I’ve commented yet. But this post made me chuckle. I have no idea why we insist on getting into arguments that we’ll never win… I had to try to convince my roommate (a fellow university student) that juice CONTAINS WATER – her response? “Not if it’s 100% juice!”
    My word, some people are so unintelligent….


  2. Actually, you’re confusing weight and density…
    One CUP (or any unit of volume) of muscle/iron IS heavier than one CUP of fat/feathers.
    But scientifically speaking Muscle is DENSER than fat, it is NOT heavier unless you’re specifying a volume because as they said, a pound is a pound


  3. I agree with your friend, one pound of steel is the same wight as one pound of feathers: both being one pound The space they take up will be immensely different though. A small mass of steel as opposed to a huge mass of feathers. If you are looking at volume, rather then weight, then they are different: one cubic metre of steel will weigh significantly more than one cubic metre of feathers.


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