I feel like an old woman


Apparently the overuse of my bike has finally gotten to my body. I stood up (after resting for about half an hour) and my whole body was ridiculously sore and stiff. Especially the thigh parts of my body.

Walking to the bathroom, I felt like I needed a cane. Or like…maybe an electric scooter?

Don’t fail me now, body. I only have one more week to abuse you. (Hmm, that sounded weird when I actually typed it out…)


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    • Ugh, I’m not going to have a choice in a week, I’ll be eating all my meals and snacks in treatment, and I won’t be able to use my laxatives or diet pills, and I won’t be able to exercise. Well, I can technically find ways to exercise…anyway…my point is, I’m about to have EVERYTHING stripped away. I feel naked just thinking about it.


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