I gain weight from breathing


I’ve gained almost 6 pounds this week. How??

I workout at least 3 hours a days, some days more, yesterday 6. I purge everything I eat, I use laxatives and diet pills, and still, I gain. I am seriously at a loss.

I’m terrified that when I start PHP, with not purging, taking anything, and not exercising, that I’m going to balloon up. I keep crying, even though I’m trying not to think about it.

I hate this body. I wish I could slice it off and crawl out of it. It’s stupid, and doesn’t understand science, apparently. I give up on it.

I’m going to go use my bike.

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  1. I think I read that when your caloric intake is very low, which yours probably is, that your body goes into survival mode and starts retaining frantically whatever it can, especially fluids, to keep itself alive. Your metabolism effectively changes, trying to preserve life. The other possibility, which I assume your protein intake does not sustain, is that your body is building muscle and retaining fluids to respond to your extensive workouts. It could be one of those, or something else. Everyone admits calorie counting and weigh ins are inefficient, despite the hype, so much has changed in nutrition and health info the in the last decade, it astounds me. I think now health is about muscle mass and stamina, or something, rather than size.


  2. I remember when I was overexercising I would gain unless my net was below zero. One day I ate 400 calories and did not exercise (but went to school and work all day) and gained a pound. It’s not FUCKING FAIR!


  3. Nope, breathing has no calories. But I have read in the past that a starved body will change its metabolism so it is possible to put on weight even though you are not eating, or keeping down food. If you do eat and put on weight you should be able to keep it in check by exercising, even if there is a delay in getting back to the exercise. Good luck with it all.


  4. I know it’s hard to believe. I didn’t believe it either. Until it happened to me. I’ve been on a meal plan for over a week and I haven’t gained a pound. Before this, I felt just like you – I would gain when I would hardly eat anything, and my body would retain all of the water it could because laxative abuse teaches your body that it’s always going to be dehydrated. It’s trying to keep you alive. ❤ Love!


  5. xxx I know what you mean. I get that feeling too, I want to slice it off. Keep in mind when you’re using all those laxatives, and purging, your body is probably so dehydrated it’s holding on to EVERY OUNCE of water it can get! working out makes you retain water like crazy. *hugs* just remember that maybe a week ago or sometime ago, you’ve checked those arms or legs of yours and really thought that they werent that bad 🙂 *hugs*


  6. Is it maybe oedema? When I started gaining despite eating 500 calories a day (no binging back then) it was oedema. Also, I don’t mean to scare you but if you have oedema and are malnutrition and underweight your heart could be compromised. Have you had an ECG recently?


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