Well, that wasn’t brilliant


I got up today, did my two-hour workout, came out to the living area, and had a sudden realization: I haven’t taken my medications in at least a week! Crap.

I looked around for them (I keep them all together in a drawstring bag) and couldn’t find them. “Fine,” I thought, “I’ll at least take my diet pills.” The diet pills were sitting on the shelf by the sofa, I noticed. I grabbed them and downed several.

Then, I immediately ate a couple bowls of cereal, which I purged. Which means I purged (and wasted) those diet pills.

This is exactly why I never take my meds. I never seem to find a time where I can take them and keep them down.

So yeah, now my precious diet pills are in the sewer system and my stomach hurts from purging and I’m nauseous from the excessive amount of laxatives I took after purging, and now I’m going to go eat something else. >_<

I keep repeating to myself, “Just one more week, just one more week.”

It’s not exactly a week, it’s more like a week and a half, but that just sounds like too long. So I keep telling myself just to hang on for a week. I can do a week. I can do it.

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  1. I keep all my meds for the BiPolar and other health issues all together on the kitchen counter so I never forget to take them. Mind you, if I miss a dose of seroquel I really know about it. I am not sure if it is because the BiPolar acts up so quickly or that is simply withdrawal from the meds. It may be a bit of both.
    Good luck with it all and stick it out.


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