“I’m helping”


My ex (we were together for two and a half years) has taken to sending me pictures of the food he’s eating. The picture above is the most recent.

I’m not sure what his reason is. He knows I’m struggling, so I think it might be his way of trying to help. Like a “look, I’m eating, you can too!” But I honestly just don’t want to talk about food or what I’m eating, so I usually just ask him if he enjoyed it, or change the subject.

Today was long and rough. I haven’t exercised today and I don’t know if I will tonight. I am utterly exhausted. I took a 3 hour nap earlier and didn’t want to get up after. I may go to bed soon.

I didn’t hear from the eating disorder clinic today like I was supposed to. I left a message this afternoon and didn’t hear back. *sigh*

Tomorrow morning is my rescheduled meeting with the behavioral health guy. I’m debating whether I should tell him the disturbing thoughts that have been rattling around in my brain.

I think I’ll go lie down now.


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  1. Therapists can only work with the information you give them. There’s no good reason to withhold information. They’re either helping you or they’re not. Same with your ex. Let him know that instead of helping you he’s just making your day harder.

    I would also officially complain that you didn’t hear back. The best way for them to improve is know when they’ve made a mistake.

    All the best,

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