Friend: How are you?
Me: Do you want an honest answer?
Friend: Uhhhhhh
Me: I’m well 🙂
Friend: Good!

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  1. Yeah this is a surprisingly difficult question. Whether to blurt out the truth or tell the person what they want to hear.
    I must say that rather than saying “I am well” I will say “Not too bad thanks” if I am feeling less than good. Or I will use “pretty well”. Most people take both of them as a “I am well” anyway.


  2. I’ve worked in customer service my whole life, so I also know how messed up that question can be when asked by a stranger or even coworkers sometimes. I always have an internal debate about the best way to answer. Sometimes I want to be honest, just so people realize how loaded that question can be, and then of course when I really should say I’m having a bad day to my support system, I don’t.


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