Did you know bulimia can cause osteoarthritis?


I didn’t.

Apparently anorexia and bulimia (and ednos) can cause early onset of osteoarthritis due to poor nutrition and/or over exercising.

How did I learn this? I just got a call from my rheumatologist. Guess who has osteoarthritis. Yeah, I do.

I’m supposed to start a regimen of anti-inflammatories and follow up with the doctor.

I’m kind of floored right now. It’s become real, I guess. I’ve done actual damage to my body.


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  1. Ya it’s true. Ironically that was my first apparent sign I was suffering from anorexia and the doctors were so floored that someone so young could have it. Yet they never thought of the eating disorder as a potential cause so it took 2 more years before someone else recognized it. I was 17 when they first noticed I had osteoarthritis.


  2. Makes sense from the point of malnutrition, as you say.

    Does that knowledge change your mindset any and help you keep it under control a bit?


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