Back to bed


I woke up still exhausted. I went through my morning routine of using the toilet, undressing, and weighing. Overnight my weight went up 6 pounds.

Despite the hours of exercise yesterday, the laxatives, the purging, I still managed to gain 6 pounds. I cried.

Then I went back to bed. I’m probably going to take some sleep meds and try to sleep for a couple days. If I’m sleeping, I’m not eating.

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  1. This is purely water retention probably from the laxatives using your reserves and the body trying to help you. To put on 6lbs you would have had to eaten 21,000 calories over the amount your body needs on a daily basis. That obviously never happened so believe me when I say it’s water. I hope you get some much needed rest Angel x

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  2. One sign of a impending heart attack is that sort of sudden weight gain. I am not implying that you are having a heart attack, but I am mentioning it because the body will react like that, retaining fluids. Do not worry. Last week I played tag at the park and the next morning I was five pounds lighter. This sort of thing can happen. It is temporary.


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