Guess what I found in the toilet?


That’s right, the potassium pills they gave me at the ER yesterday. Intact enough for me to read them.

I’m sure they did me a TON of good…

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  1. Sooner you are sorted out the better. It’s such a horrible illness. Self-care and the good intentions are thrown to the wind because of the fear we hold in our hearts about recovery, weight, fat and how this affects who we are as people. But no weight in the world is going to tell people whether you are intelligent, witty, articulate, creative, thoughtful or someone that thinks about a 100 things a second. These are all the attributes I see in you from your blog, and I have no idea what you look like. And I would never judge you on your weight. But alas, I know how profound it is, the allure, the want to fade away and have ultimate control in a world that often seems to me, a very scary-hairy place. Lots of courage and fortitude for the next part of your journey. xx


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