More treatment updates


I went to the doctor this morning. I was threatened with hospitalization if I don’t get into treatment within the next week.

No pressure.

She is also worried about my heart. My potassium and iron are still low, and she’s concerned the laxatives and diet pills are putting too much strain on my heart.

I will admit, I’m a little worried. I had a friend die in September from bulimia. Her heart stopped.

When I got home from the doctor, I called the treatment center and spoke with the intake coordinator. I explained the whole long story to her, and she set up an intake evaluation for Wednesday morning. It can’t get here fast enough

I’m ready. I’m scared, but I’m ready. I want to recover. I want to get better. I just really hope my insurance doesn’t fight it.

My doctor was really frustrated with my insurance this morning. She mentioned how they won’t pay for things people need, then they get worse, then they end up having to pay anyway, but pay for more.

It’s true. If they hadn’t cut me off, I’d be 2 months into treatment right now. Maybe I would be doing way better. But now, they had to pay for a hospital stay, and instead of paying for the intensive outpatient they need to pay for partial hospitalization or inpatient.

In other news, one of my close friends started PHP today. I’m so proud of her!


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    • Thank you!
      I already have the number for filing an appeal, and my case worker’s name handy.

      I like this part of that link you sent me:
      If the request is denied, insist that your insurance company take full responsibility — in writing! — for your child’s life, noting that they are disagreeing with the qualified experts in the field and with the approved guidelines. Feel free to ask, “Are you willing to take responsibility for denying the care that my doctor has recommended?”

      I have 2 counselors and my primary doctor saying I need php or inpatient, so I will definitely keep this in mind.


  1. It’s great that you want to get treatment and maybe you need to play the game to get your insurance company to pay, that is inpatient.
    Will you get the same treatment as an inpatient as you want as an outpatient?
    But, that being said, I hope you get the treatment you want and that would, most likely, be most beneficial to you.
    And please take care of your heart.
    Also, what is PHP?


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