I was basically told to “just eat” a moment ago by a former anorexic…

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  1. :-/ In “real life” or on here? I think we can recognize that it would be best for you to eat something, but to minimize the issue like that isn’t helpful. I’m more concerned about the laxatives at this point, to be honest. And it’s because I know that world and how awful, yet wonderful it feels. Take care ❤


  2. I hate when people say that. If it was that simple then eating disorders wouldn’t exist. If this person is belittling your illness by saying that then I have some serious doubts about whether or not they truly had anorexia because if they did then they would know what kind of hell you are going through. I understand your struggles and it is most certainly not as simple as “just eat”. Some people are actually so dumb. UGH.


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