More information on inpatient


I just got a call from the behavioral health guy. He called up my insurance and they want me to do the PHP at the eating disorder center where I was before, and stay in their housing, so I would have 24/7 support.

I’m ok with this. I would much rather do that than inpatient at a hospital. Plus, I already know the staff and am comfortable there.

I called them, and I go in next week for an intake evaluation. I’ll keep you updated as I know anything.


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    • I’m REALLY nervous. And a couple months ago I would have refused. However, doing the intensive outpatient program for 5 weeks recently helped me warm up to the idea, especially since my treatment team was trying to bump me up to PHP the last couple weeks I was there but my insurance wouldn’t go for it. Also, since leaving the IOP (insurance) I have been spiraling quickly and it has me kind of scared. It’s not sustainable and I’m afraid of becoming suicidal again, or dying. I know I need a drastic change. So while one part of me is crying and screaming not to do it, the side that wants to get better is starting to get sone strength.


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