So that hurt. Ow.


A sad, yet telling look into the mind of anorexia.

Right2Recover - Journey through the Trenches of ED Recovery

Just wrote this after I came back from an obsessive 11-mile jaunt that brutally mauled my hips. It’s about the repetitive thoughts churning about in my mind all of the time, which is why the title of the poem is a word not actually found in the work itself. It’s meant to be read in more of a spoken word style, but my parents are home, so there’s no way I’m recording this now.


While millions of Americans gorge on cheeseburgers,

I struggle to swallow a slice of cucumber.

While countless college kids order deep dish delivery,

I have nearly forgotten the taste of that horror.

While all too many fathers pat their distended bellies after a ‘good meal’,

I sit in silence clutching mine, hoping it doesn’t open its mouth and betray my hunger.

In front of the mirror, I recoil from the bod.. –

No. The ugly…

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