I always do this


I never start taking laxatives again in small amounts and working my way up. I dive in, taking around what landed me in the ER last time I was taking them, then end up sick all night, usually vomiting.

Remind me why I do this to myself?

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  1. My wife does exactly the same , it worried the hell out of me but them I used to do the same with drink and drugs , even if I get medication if it says take 1 I take 4 , hope you don’t end up in ER


  2. 😦 Been there. It sucks. Any time I go back now, I only start with 4. It works, but pretty soon I up it. Please don’t do that to yourself again. I know my plea won’t change anything, because no one’s pleas ever did with me. But I can offer it. ❤ Love.


  3. I hate you ended up in the hospital. Why did ya go? How many did you take? I take a lot sometimes, but only 14 at a time sometimes..


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