More hospital updates


It’s so nice to be home.

I have bruises all over both arms from IVs and blood draws. My left hand is very swollen from where my IV blew out. That was probably my fault.

My IV looked much like the one above. My left hand is my dominant hand, and also the one I purge with. I purged every meal while in the hospital. This meant unplugging the pump my IVs were going through from the wall, taking the whole pump with me to the bathroom, and purging with tubes in my hand. Because I’m brilliant.

Yesterday, I was given potassium pills because my potassium is low again. But they gave them to me as I was finishing my breakfast, so those were purged too.

They gave me more later. The nurse asked if I was making myself sick (my history of bulimia is in my file) and I was honest with her. I got a couple lectures and concerned talks from various staff about that.

Both arms have bruises all over them. It took 8 pokes and 4 staff to get my initial IV in. I was then poked 2-4 times daily for blood draws, and a few more times when they had to move my IV. The spot of my second IV alone left me with a 3 inch bruise.

Right when I was supposed to be released, we had a tornado warning. A large tornado was spotted in the area, and they locked down the hospital. All the patients were moved to the hallways and all the doors closed.

As soon as it passed, my dad drove me home. It was still storming pretty badly.

Naturally, when I got home, I took it easy and relaxed.

No, wait, that other thing. I went shopping, then binged and purged.


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  1. When I was sick in 197 it took the nurses 40 tries to insert the IV. In the end, and in a significant amount of pain I screamed that they needed to get someone who knew what they were doing and he got it right.

    Even now it is hard to draw blood from my left arm.

    Several years ago my GP had a great pathology collector who could always get the vein, even the left one, on the first try. The ones they have now are back to having problems and I come out with a massive bruise through the twisting and turning.


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