Because I have no right to privacy


So I was checking facebook when I get a message from the friend of my sister. Our conversation goes like this:

Her: Are you ok???????
Me: Yes?
Her: Oh well I heard from <your sister> that you were in the hospital!
Her: ?????
Me: Oh, I’m fine.
Her: Oh well ok.

I’m so frustrated. I didn’t even tell my sister I was in the hospital. For this very reason.

If I want to tell my sister I’m in the hospital, that’s my business. I don’t need other people telling her. And I definitely don’t need her telling other people, especially people I only vaguely know.

I confronted her about it and asked her to stop sharing personal information about me, and she flat out told me no.


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  1. It’s a shame your sister did not respect your wishes. But on the other hand it’s nice to know that someone cared to ask after you but that still does not excuse your sister.


  2. Omg i go through this with my sisters. I’m the oldest but because i have a mental illness, they think that means i am unstable, fragile, and over emotional. And therefore they can mother me. I fucking hate it so much so that we aren’t close anymore.


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