Being hospitalized


I’m on my way to the hospital. I told my doctor how I was doing and I was told I could go to the hospital in an ambulance, with police, or I could go voluntarily. I chose “voluntarily”.


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  1. thinking about you.. STAY STRONG… you can do it. Remember you chose to go voluntarily so don’t be scared.
    try and just do what is asked with out thinking. DISTRACT your self. x


  2. I’m pleased to hear you are safe and hopefully will now get the help you need. It may not feel like much of a choice but by going “voluntarily” you maintain some of your autonomy. You made the choice to take the support in a dignified way rather than being dragged kicking and screaming. That deserves to be commended.


  3. A friend of mine recently went into a detox facility so that he could have a fresh start on being sober. Sometimes inpatient treatment is the best way to start fresh. Generally after getting ‘clean’ the idea of going through that experience again becomes much harder to handle.


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