My brother just made me cry


I have a little brother. He just sent me a text telling me he wants to dye his hair and beard periwinkle next February for eating disorder awareness month.

I cried.

We have never really talked about my eating disorder. He’s grown up with it, but it’s been the white elephant that no one will acknowledge.

I love this kid (he’s 11 years younger) and he has such a sweet spirit. He has such a way of melting my heart. As he just did.


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  1. I love this post! Girl, you will get through this time in your life. You are loved and you will find that love within yourself. Have you heard of the blog “Oh She Glows”. I recommend checking it out. She had an eating disorder and changed her relationship with food by going vegan. She’s gorgeous and skinny so it wouldn’t bee too challenging to take some of her advice đŸ˜‰


  2. How wonderful!! Get pictures and send over the fundraising page! I will send it out here in the UK!! Your brother adores you it’s clear, something are better left unsaid because maybe nothing needs to be said, but it’s clear from his actions he is with you 100% of the way, as are we all!! Don’t forget to post about his fundraising!! Xx


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