Missing my scale


This is how I feel without my scale.

The other day, I actually cried when I saw the space my scale used to occupy.

This morning after I didn’t go to the doctor, therefore didn’t get to know my current weight, I decided I needed me scale back.

I emailed my counselor, telling her this.

She responded, “I didn’t have the chance to see you today and I’m out until Tuesday. Make sure to talk to [nutritionist] about this, and I’d like to talk to you about it, too. I know it’s really difficult once you give that thing up…hang in there.”

I don’t want to hang in there, and I don’t want to wait until Tuesday to get my scale back. I am frustrated.


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  1. I hate that feeling. I got so desperate that I went into random exercise facilities pretending I was interested in a membership, asked to check out their ladies’ room, and used their scale. I couldn’t fully strip, of course, but it was better than nothing.

    I’m not allowed to know my current weight. They just tell me if I go up or down, depending on if they determine I’m stable enough to even hear that much information that day. It’s difficult, but it does get better with time.


      • I wouldn’t blame you if you did. This is one place where I continually fail – I always have to find a way to know my weight. It’s such a compulsion. At least here at university, they have a scale in the fitness centre where I have a membership. I don’t check it as often now as I once did – it could get up to 20 times a day when I personally owned one. But progress. One step at a time. xx


  2. Gave my scales to my therapist 4 weeks ago. I keep looking longingly at the scales at the gym. However part of me knows if I weigh myself there, within one week I will have bought some more, will be weighing myself 30-40 times a day and then all my behaviours will intensify big time. It’s so difficult. I hear your pain. One day, I hope everyone who suffers will experience freedom from this illness and live a life they deserve, full of warmth, self-acceptance and serenity x


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