Daily Archives: April 19, 2014

You did what??


So guess who went on an impromptu date tonight?

I met a guy a few days ago and we’ve been talking via email, phone, and text. Then, this evening around 7pm, he asks if I want to go get dinner.

I almost said no, but something in me really wanted to go. I hadn’t showered today, so I said yes, and hopped in the shower.

I was freaking out beforehand. Like all out panic attack. Eating. With a near stranger. And I had no idea where we were getting dinner.

However, I really enjoyed myself.

That’s not to say it wasn’t hard to eat dinner, or that I didn’t have a lot of ED-related thoughts, but I did have fun.

This also means I ate 3 meals today. Not quite as much as my meal plan would have me eat, but still, 3 meals.

I’m struggling right now with wanting to purge, even though it’s been a bit since dinner. I’m really overwhelmed with the amount of food I’ve consumed today.

I’m going to go off and distract myself now.