What about you?


So, what are your reasons to want recovery, whether you’re actively working toward recovery or not?


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  1. …because bulimia is an almost criminal waste of my talent and ambition. (No one ever changed the world with their head hanging over the toilet!)
    …because I never want my little sister or brother to feel the way I do.

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  2. Because my life will never get any better and I will never find a way out of this whole I’ve dug myself in unless I try and nourish myself and work towards health. (and definitely spending my time over the toilet or counting calories is not how I want to spend my life anymore!) thanks for making this post, and I enjoy your WordPress as well.


  3. Here are some of the reasons I started my recovery journey: Because I was losing a the best parts of myself, Because my weight should not decide what kind of day I have, Because I’d rather have my real friends instead of my fake friend, Anorexia. It was those things and others that kept me going during the first few months of recovery.


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